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Unlocking value
through weight data.

About Skaly

Skaly is a Dutch based eHealth company introducing a plug & play SaaS that supports identity verification of smart scale users, predicting weight results and offering monitoring possibilities. SKALY communicates with every BIA smart scale using a bluetooth connection and securely displays real-time insights in a closed dashboard.



SKALY enables insurers to setup new and realistic prevention programs. Optimize reward structures and shift from reactive to pro-active. Reducing health cost from lifestyle diseases.

Weight Management

Managing lifestyle and weight for users is now super easy with SKALY. Set goals, track progress, create realistic predictions and deliver results to health and insurance companies.

Risk Monitoring

SKALY offers insurers to monitor unhealthy groups. For instance, gastric bypass patients. The monitoring is fully adjustable to monitor the aftercare and personal lifestyle to reach the best results.

The Skaly benefits

ID-verified smart scale data

Our algorithm identifies people based on body composition metrics.

Weight management support

Through our monitoring solutions, you are now able to directly intervene the weight loss journey of your clients.

Weight prediction

Our AI also predicts how (group of) users are developing and can indicate when, where and how to prevent (additional) costs.

Easy user experience

Integrate our plug and play mobile phone application, stand on any scale and date will be send automatically.

Real time data overview

Directly receive the latest data overview and insights in our dashboard or easily integrate it within existing dashboards.