Reaching full potential

Weight, a key health pillar for every human. With SKALY integrated, health organizations can reach the full potential of weight data. This is not only valid for companies, but also for users of any Bluetooth connected smart weighing scale. Mostly it sits in the corner and doesn’t give you an added value. Our powerful algorithms turns every smart scale into a powerful information tool. Ready to be combined with other smart wearables.

Nowadays wearables give a good overview how users are using a healthy lifestyle. From step counters till heart rate monitors, all at everyone disposal to monitor your own progress. Now we complete the circle that we call the holistic circle with our powerful platform using multiple algorithms to reach full potential.

SKALY’s Holistic Circle

Our algorithms are designed to identify users, predict weight progress, prevent users from relapse with real time monitoring options and a Balanced Weight Score (BAW). As we experience in many user platforms from insurers or health organizations, weight data has been ignored by all platforms because of the impure data and not easy to understand metrics.

This all changes with SKALY….

Due to our identity algorithm, every smart scale user can be identified and makes this data set 100 % pure and more valuable. The possibilities are now endless because SKALY not only solved the identity dilemma, but also attached the pure data sets to our new algorithms, prediction and balanced weight score.

The powerful tool of prediction can be used in a standalone calculation or combined with other activity data (wearables). When combined the prediction algorithm sends updated feedback about the users’ weight progress.

It doesn’t stop here, imagine the possibility to time interval users to weigh themselves. Having a real time monitoring option where the identity has been checked and approved can now be used for i.e. gastric bypass patients. Setting up a monitoring program to assist post patients against relapse.

Finally, our in-house designed Balanced Weight Score (BAW) that directly links a score to risk and is also easy to understand for users. No mixed signals of all the different metrics of your smart scale. Users know instantly if they are progressing positive or negative and more importantly what they need to do about this.


Smart lifestyle disease prevention