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Our story

The idea behind SKALY started already back in 2018. Obesity levels on a global scale were and are still exploding, health costs are, at an alarming rate, increasing and insurers are looking for opportunities to lower health costs due to lifestyle diseases. When researching the obesity percentages, the founders discovered that weight data was not being used to its full potential. Weight metrics were hard to verify (only by doctor visits) and overall manual input into several dashboards/apps did not create any added value.

This discovery led to the birth of SKALY, creating an immutable identity to monitor weight data and predict weight data.. As weight is one of the key pillars of personal health a verifiable identity in a plug and play environment that can be placed in every household would be the next logical step. To not only lower health cost but also receive valuable insights about the user on micro, meso and macro levels.

The three founders researched and developed SKALY so weight data can be used to its full potential for different target groups: obesity-, pre-diabetes & weight management programms, but also directly by health insurers to verify the users of their prevention & wellness programms or life insurers.

It is now possible to track and monitor users without the uncertainty of diluted data.

This is the SKALY commitment, unlocking value by using the full potential of weight data for anyone, everywhere.