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Get real time ID-verified weight data

Cost efficient solution to offer the best support.

SKALY puts you in the driver’s seat to support your client if needed. Our monitoring solution enables you to intervene if necessary and adds more value to your product and services.

ID-verified data

Identifying clients on smart scales based on body composition metrics. Our algorithm verifies the identity of your clients, adding more value to the data.

Live data dashboard

Standalone SKALY dasboard, which can also be integrated within existing software (“white label solution” available). Start receiving data real time and provide your coaches/doctors with logins.

Time efficient

SKALY will notify you about unusual or negative developments. This helps you to focus on the important elements.

Monitoring pilot

Monitor and support your clients during the self-weighing process.

You are able to see all the results in our pilot dashboard. Track developments real time, know directly if and when to intervene in order to reach the optimal result with your clients.

After a test phase, our solution can be implemented within your existing application and dashboards.